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Studio Production

I have worked for many years in design studios, I have run my own for over 8 years maintaining the equipment, configuring the MACs, fixing them when they go wrong, installing operating systems and software, font issues and of course making sure the job goes out correctly and on time. I have also worked for many years as a freelancer, picking up knowledge of how many studios run, some badly and some superbly.

I have written workflow manuals for a few companies I have worked for as a freelancer. I am now in the process of writing these as a generic PDF download. This is a work in progress so email me if you would like to know more.

Mail Merging Guide3.jpg


Need to know the most efficient way to run

a studio, from setting up master PDF settings

to stylesheets?

Mail Merging Guide.jpg


Merging data from a spreadsheet to create multiple copies of often repeated artwork.

Mail Merging Guide2.jpg


Producing cutter guides from often than not bad

CAD or PDF files.

Mail Merging Guide4.jpg


Understanding resolution can mean a the difference between getting the job out or waiting for a hi res file you really don't need!

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