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A branding story

I was approached by someone from LinkedIn to help with branding a fast food truck. But this was no ordinary fast food truck, the food was going to offer an alternative to the usual. This was a couple that were passionate about their food and wanted to share the health benefits with the festival-going trade that were often given a poor choice. They are offering fresh Lebanese wraps and home made Limonata.

The Logo

They had a logo design done by someone that was from an online design for cash site. Apart from the design looking so heavy and 70s gaming it did not really say much about the offer. So you can see a rethink needed to happen. The owner's name was Teresina, so the obvious choice was to incorporate her name. This both created a much softer name whilst adding more romance and passion to what was already a life changing journey.


The final ideas

Teresina Logo.jpg

As part of the design process we needed to start with the passion, the colours and to go back to their roots.

The final logo with less heavy font thickness and

the lemons to add freshness.

The look and feel

I created a page that would turn out to be the presentation page of both the PowerPoint slides and Brochures as they were going to be pitching for various large sites, ie Glastonbury, F1 and many large festivals so they wanted a strong credible look and professional approach.

Teresina Van Front-01 LOW.jpg

The artwork for the van

The van went through several process before being chosen, the this did not alter the concept of the design. Just the dimensions and where and where not to place graphics based on obstructions on the vehicle.

Van 1 Plain.jpg
Van 2 Plain.jpg

The final artwork

After lots of discussion the final artwork was agreed.


The support items and marketing

Once the van had been sorted we needed to start on the various support items, business cards, social media ads and of course the proposal document and PowerPoint presentation!

Wrapping 500mm Square-LOW.jpg

Food wrap made from recycled paper

Food to share box made from recycled board

The PowerPoint presentation and Brochure (PDF and printed)

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