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Wine Bottle Wraps

Brighton-based digital artist Christopher Crawford works from the heart. He’s never happier than when talking to other people and learning about them. Their life stories have provided the inspiration for many of his art works. The Angels pictures, for instance, comes from his work with the homeless and understanding of the importance of looking beyond someone’s self-esteem and finding beautiful souls who need only the right support to fly.

Creation, and Chrysalis, are each based on his conviction that we can all be reborn - that we can reinvent ourselves, whatever our circumstances and age.


“I hope people are inspired by my art to grow and see themselves anew,” said Christopher. “Regardless of what life throws at you, you have the ability to evolve and fly, becoming the person you truly want to be”.

Sofa Brighton LOUNGE ANGEL Blue.jpg

Fallen Angel (blue)

African Flower Poster.jpg


African Flower

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