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Those wonderful guys at The Brighton Box represent my work, I have current a number of pieces in various sizes, which constantly sell each month. I am one of the resident artists and am so grateful that Sean Headley took a leap of faith in representing me. 

I have been with the gallery for nearly 2 years, I lovely working with Sean and his team, they put so much working to selling my art. Of which I am extremely grateful.

I am constantly coming up with new pieces some shock them! Like Crazy Dreams. Although most of my art is popular, some sell faster than others, for instance the Fallen Angels (Earthly Angels in the gallery).

thumbnail_Pic 2 Gallery .jpg
Crazy Dreams LO.jpg

Why does my art sell?

It seems that my approach to art is abstract, photo montages and vibrant colours dominate my pieces. I love to create vibrant vivid pieces, also combined with a classic style they are popular.

The pieces are limited editions often of just 50 copies.

All of my art comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated.

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