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Selling Belswains – a personal project

The Brief

Sell my house. Keep the costs low. Use all social media. Local community websites and basically hit every free online advertising website available.

The Photography

Greg Bartley – Photographer

Greg is someone I respect as a photographer, he has helped me on many occasions.

The Main Lounge Pic_Small.jpg

This shot I think nailed it, set up and waited for the sun to move around and took several shots which I think composited to create a nice summers day al fresco dining. Patience!

The outside large.jpg

The pictures are a combination of myself and some long hours retouching.

The Website

Wix free website means that I can get a website up online for no cost.

Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 08.19.44.png

The Brochure

To be honest I didn't really need a printed brochure, but when you have an amazing digital printer that can produce great results at little cost. Why not. Continuum Digital in Hemel produced 30 brochures, all high quality and at reasonable price. It was also something I could leave with viewers.


Social Media

In order to create a great social media campaign I needed to understand many factors, firstly the correct pixel dimensions for all the platforms that I needed to post onto and most IMPORTANTLY when was the optimum time to post, as posts drop off quickly. So hitting when the viewing was HIGH was key.

So this needed research and there is so much available for free, Facebook viewing times compared to LinkedIn viewing times are completely different and also the types of people who view too.

New AdvertsSmall-02.jpg

From Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Gumtree,

Local community websites, each add had to fit their pixel


Also marketing emailers (see right) had to be made and sent out to all property agents and investors.

Belswains Advert-02.jpg
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