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I live in Apsley near Hemel Hempstead with my partner and three beautiful triplets, 16.5 in years (yes phew)!

A Graphic Designer/Creative Artworker with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of graphic design, printing and branding, 3D visuals for Packaging and POS, web and social media.

Passionate about creating work that is not just beautiful but is genuinely effective at promoting products and businesses.

A great team player that is self motivated and driven. A 5-6 hour at best I sleep, my work ethic and energy levels are relentless, and what I don’t know I ask and seek answers, I believe in efficiency without compromising creativity, budgets should of course be high on the agenda but a great result is when it all works.

Proficient in Adobe CC





Good working knowledge of Microsoft products:




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